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Long term Rental

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  • No constraints in terms of driving
  • Total control of your travel costs
  • No vehicle purchase, no deductible depreciation
  • No vehicle immobilisation
  • No tax on company cars
  • No professional tax on fixed assets
  • No benefits in kind
  • VAT at 10%

Choice of vehicle, personalised relationship with your driver, no constraints in terms of driving…Service Limo Car offers a long-term transport solution in a private car with chauffeur.

Service Limo Car offers a high-end long-term rental service in a private car with driver, to fulfil all your requirements.

Do you want to optimise the cost of your automotive fleet and outsource some transport services while retaining the advantages of flexibility or simply enjoy the services of a permanent private car with chauffeur? Service Limo Car offers flexible, customised solutions, guaranteeing the continuity of a high-end service throughout the year.

A single contact person all year round
Having a qualified chauffeur and a vehicle that meets your needs doesn’t only save you time but also grants you efficiency and total mobility at all times. Apart from managing your schedule with your chauffeur, you have nothing else to do. Everything is outsourced. Your chauffeur is a confirmed driver and someone you can trust and rely on. In the event of unforeseen events, we will replace him immediately.

A vehicle in line with your needs
Thanks to its special relationships with car manufacturers, Service Limo Car can negotiate the best prices when ordering a vehicle, thereby saving you money. We are also able to advise you in your choice of vehicle. Together, we choose your vehicle allowing you to enjoy a personalised transport service.

Service Limo Car guarantees total control of your travel budget, thanks to a predefined monthly bill. You have no charges to pay for driving staff nor any vehicle maintenance costs.

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