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Mercedes E Class

Mercedes E Class

The E Class symbolises the perfect mid-size luxury sedan. One of the range of Mercedes’ luxury vehicles, based on a longstanding tradition.
NewsTéléphoneSiège Boissons fraichesWifiVidéos3 passengers maximum3 luggages maximum
Mercedes Classe S

Mercedes S Class

The undisputed benchmark in luxury sedans, the S Class will impress you with is poise and technology.
NewsTéléphoneSiège Boissons fraichesWifiVidéos3 passengers maximum4 luggages maximum
Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Continental Flying Spur

A prestigious sedan, the Bentley Flying Spur offers generous proportions, bespoke handcrafted interiors and an unforgettable performance.
NewsTéléphoneSiège Boissons fraichesWifiVidéos3 passengers maximum3 luggages maximum
Private Chauffeur Phantom

Rolls Royce Phantom

With its timeless elegance, the Phantom is an exceptional car providing you with luxury and comfort.
NewsTéléphoneSiège Boissons fraichesWifiVidéos2 passengers maximum4 luggages maximum
Chauffeur privé Mercedes Classe V

Mercedes V Class

With exceptional agility and bold expression, the V Class is ideal for business and tourist trips.
NewsTéléphoneSiège Boissons fraichesWifiVidéos7 passengers maximum7 luggages maximum
Chauffeur volkswagen caravelle

Volkswagen Caravelle

Specially dedicated for mini groups, the Caravelle is the perfect partner for your airport, tourist or private needs.
NewsTéléphoneSiège Boissons fraichesWifiVidéos8 passengers maximum8 luggages maximum

Mercedes Sprinter 16

Thanks to its size, the Sprinter 16 is the ideal mini coach for group trips and transfers.
NewsTéléphoneSiège Boissons fraichesWifiVidéos15 passengers maximum15 luggages maximum
Iveco Daily

Iveco Turbo Daily 19

A modern mini coach, with air conditioning and an integrated microphone, the Iveco Daily is perfect for group trips.
NewsTéléphoneBoissons fraichesWifiVidéos15 passengers maximum15 luggages maximum
Private Chauffeur Mercedes Travego

Mercedes Travego

The Travego is an exceptional coach and available for rental with a chauffeur for all your trips with large groups.
NewsTéléphoneBoissons fraichesWifiVidéos50 passengers maximum50 luggages maximum

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